Hope I posted this in the right place. 

Hello everyone. 

I just found out I won a new Cheerson CX-20 from one of the many contests I enter online. I have been really interested in this hobby for quite a while but couldn't decide on the first quad to buy, well thanks to lady luck, my choice was made for me.

I happened upon this group/page as a result of Googling the Cheerson CX-20 to find more info on it. The biggest draw for me to drones is photography. I am a disabled vet, current freelance journalist/photographer and all around geek of many hats. Needless to say, money was a big reason I had not jumped into this hobby sooner.

In April, I will be traveling to Germany (where I grew up) for one last trip home before my condition gets to the point where travel becomes impossible. I really want to get some good video of old castle ruins, not the big touristy, restored, people magnets. Also some air shots of closed bases and housing areas I lived at that are no longer there. I have a Go Pro 3 and the CX-20 I am getting comes with the mount, so I am good there (I think).

First, does anyone know the German laws on doing this there?

Second, what is the cheapest (disability check is $635 a month) way to get autonomy with the CX-20?

Lastly, any tips or tricky or advice for a newbie like me? I am constantly reading things online trying to learn, but I thought I would ask the people with the most passion.

Thank you for your acceptance to the group and I hope to be posting my firsthand experiences as soon as I can.

One last thing, where is the cheapest place to buy batteries, props, prop guards etc. ? 

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There are actually several versions of this quad, with diff FC options.
Here is a blog post by a very prolific experimenter in our community... Hope it gives you some ideas:

Thanks. I will check it out. As soon as it arrives I should know the specifics on it and will start documenting what I do. 

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