Incorporating External Sensor Circuit Outputs into the APM Log Files

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a way to log readings from an external custom sensor circuit with the APM logs. For hardware, I can use either the APM unit or an external Arduino to wire the sensor circuits and then read this value out into the APM. Once figuring this out, there is the additional challenge of getting this data into the APM logs in order to have precise location information for each sensor sample.

Does anyone know how I could do this???



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have you done your project ?

Excuse me, Can data from external sensors incorporated into other applications , while flight mission took place to collect the data which is stored in the log APM ?  for example I have a program that can automatically realtime plotting external sensor data and geo tagging of logs apm

Hi, James, 

I am actually have a project that is similar to what you did. So I bascially followed what you did in this post. However, I did not know how you registered for the libraries (i2c sensor) in the file. And what file do you change and add path in order to register? 

Also I have a question about the git submodule, is there any other way to add the nuttx and firmware files without using the git submodule command? Or is it possible to compile the firmware without the github repository?

Thanks a lot! 

Hi Adam, &  Everyone!

Nice post.  I am trying something similar. but the connection is from pixhawk to an odroid xu4, mounted on a 3dr x8.  The connection is using the USB-UART cable. The odroid successfully displays voltage readings based on gas sensing..I have a CO2 sensor.

Is there any sample code that I could refer to,  to have the drone navigate to the source of a leak (in this case CO2).

I need to do path planning and eventual localization of a source of the gas leak.

Any ideas ? Thank you in advance


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