Increasing flight time

Hello all!I'm currently using a 2200ma LiPo battery on board my craft. I'm getting 5 minutes of flying time. This is way to short for what I need it to do. I would love to get at least 15 minutes. Is that possible? 

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  • Lower KV motors, bigger props, and the ESC's to drive them.

  • @Nano -


    With a 2kg quad, 11ah 4s battery, NX 4006 530kv motors, and APC 14x4.7 props,  I was getting a reliable 35 minutes of flight time in actual flying conditions.


    The battery did cost $300 though.  Since I was carrying a lot of extra (non flight) batteries for the vTx and other components, you should expect similar results with less expensive (cheaper) batteries.

    • Hello Arashi,

      I have a 2.2Kg quad (with 4S 10,000) running the NX-4006 motors on Graupner 14x8 props, and despite all ESCs are properly calibrated, i find that the quad feels very low on power - i have to set the throttle mid point in APM (it ranges 300-700) to full 700 to maintain a steady hover at half stick! i seriously doubt my motors are putting 1+Kg thrust each!

      any tips where to look? how did yours feel compared to mine?


  • Have a look to my post on that
  • 100KM

    Use a bigger battery and more powerfull motors at the right proportions to get your targeted flighttime.

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    What is your AUW? What motors, ESCs, and props are you using?

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