Hello all!

I'm currently using a 2200ma LiPo battery on board my craft. I'm getting 5 minutes of flying time. 

This is way to short for what I need it to do. I would love to get at least 15 minutes. 

Is that possible? 

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What is your AUW? What motors, ESCs, and props are you using?

Use a bigger battery and more powerfull motors at the right proportions to get your targeted flighttime.

Using all defaults that came with this kit:



What motors/batteries would you suggest to increase my flight time? It's about 2.5lbs now.

If you have good solder connections to your motors, do not have bad motors, have balanced your props, are using a good, 4400mAh balanced battery, and are running around 2.5lbs AUW, you can expect about 16:25 flight time for normal hover, and as low as 5:52 for 75% throttle, aggressive flight. So you can see the huge impact that it has to your flight budget simply by flying more aggressively. Slow down, and you can last a lot longer.


I've been running (2) 5000mah 3s batteries and getting 23 to 25 minutes per flight.



What's your all up weight?

@roger,  1.6kg /3.8lbs total with everything including camera, pan tilt, vtx, xbee, batteries, etc.

wow... so I'm guessing that your AC, without batteries is about 700g? I estimate that you could reasonably achieve the needed hover thrust of 460g per motor at about 58-60% throttle using the 850Kv motors will generate with the 10x45 props. Is this what you used? I wonder, because I'm projecting flight times as long as 31 or 32 minutes. 


But your flight times suggest maybe 880Kv/12x45, which my calculations suggest hover at around 42% throttle for the 460g thrust, with flight times of around 23 to 26 minutes.


If you are using the jDrones motors and props, have you considered trying the 850/10x45 instead to compare performance?





AC w/o batteries is 840g ish.

Zippy 5000mah 20c 3s batts

rctimer 2830/14 750kv motors (same as jdrones but 750kv)

30amp exceedrc escs

frame is just Home depot towel bars, corroplast, alum sheet, and 4 pieces of foam.

10x45 props


Throttle position for hover, as measured by stick throw, is a little under 50%.


These flight times include a lot of full speed (as determined by full throw while in alt hold) runs.  I want to reliably get at least a real world, 4 miles of flight at a minimum.  I've been just setting the alt hold at about 3 feet and ripping around a soccer field at full tilt, in the wind.


I'lll try to get a flight time indoors, just hovering.


I have also done nothing to try and optimize for aerodynamics or weight.  I wanted durability and ease of maintenance until I realize my goal. 


I like 12x3.8 props, but they are too expensive when I crash.  I find the quad is much more stable in the wind with the 10x45 props.  I never timed it with the 12x3.8's and 10ah of batts.


Thank you for sharing! Anything you would do differently if you built it again?

Make it prettier...

Now that I crash less, unless I am trying something new, it is time to try and optimize.  I think the key is better props, lighter weight, more efficient motors, less drag, and possibly an in-flight battery ejection system.


I am going with a very lightweight H frame with all of the components inside a weather resistant pod.  Hobbyking NX-4006-530kv Brushless Quadcopter Motors with 12x3.8 props.  I may even try the 14" props, lighter ESC's, etc.


I will rebuild my current ac2 on this EPO foam frame.  The problem with the frame is that it restricts you to 10" props, but it does promise a 30% efficiency gain with the ducting.  I hope the increased efficiency will at a least cancel out the added weight.




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