I had a horrible indoor crash today after I armed my motors.

I was in stabilize mode, the quad changed direction towards one side and crashed into the wall, broke 2 props, 2 motor shaft bent. I have to check the 20Amp ESC's if they got burnt in the process due to over current :( Bled my arm in order to save the other two props!!

I had my GEO Fence ON. After I see the log, it shows has triggered a fail-safe (RTL) as I breached the fence? I am unable to interpret why this has happened? Outside, it flew like a charm the last time I flew.

Why did it breach the fence. It was supposed to be in Stabilize. No waypoints, simple indoor flight in STAB mode.

Subsystems/ Error codes:

9: Fence, ECode 2: circular fence breached

Log attached, any comments will be helpful


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The props (throttle) are not under the control of your Tx once the aricraft has switched itself into a full autonomous mode such as RTL (here by hitting what it thought was the fence). You need to switch out of stabilize and then back into stabilize. That would have returned control to you. That's why I said earlier that getting that move down so it can be executed quickly, without having to think about it or fumble around, is important.


How would GPS ever be accurate enough for the confines of a small room?

Simple! Just glue some GPS satellites to the ceiling! (=:

Again, my understanding is that it doesn't matter how many sats you get indoors (or in other places with lots of walls, like city streets), the "multipathing" phenomena - basically like echoes/reflections - can screw it all up.

I was in Stabilize mode which must not use GPS in practice. I was in flight mode 0 (Stabilize) when i started.
What i know is log will always note down gps readings irrespective of flight mode..only that a particular mode may not use it in code..
Does this mean i cannot fly in the most primary mode indoors? Then this is not right?

Shyam buddy,

Either you do not understand , or refuse to accept what everyone is telling you.

You can only fly indoors in STAB mode IF GEO FENCING IS TURNED OFF.

Thanks @Oliver,


That was the perfect answer I was looking for. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

@Wessie: I missed out on the fact that STABILIZE mode will indeed use the GPS when the fence is breached when GEO Fence is ON. Right, I accept it! I thought (as per wiki) that Stabilize mode DOES NOT use the GPS. 

@@ I think there should be an edit to the WiKi on such an exception so that others are aware of it (probably, as a RED warning!! ). I will however look into the code to get this clearer!

Stabilize does not use GPS. Geofence does.
Agreed. Multipathing is definitely a concern.
My indoor RTL was a throttle fail(un)safe.(not GPS related.) Just commenting on the dangerosity of indoor flying. Auto-trim is the only flying I do inside now. Still have four propnut dents in the ceiling, and a few prop slashes on the wall from last summer. A daily reminder to keep it outside.

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