I'm running the initial setup of my RTF Y6 and I'm not getting a response when I throttle-down/rudder-right to spin the motors. I ran the ESC routine and all the motors responded to the Tx throttle beautifully, though.

Also, I don't see any of the initial setup wizards in APM Planner 2 for mac, so I suspect that's part of the problem (or they're at least related).  I installed the firmware on the pixhawk and confirmed that I have good comms between the 3dr radios. Safety button is solid red. Flashing green on main pixhawk LED. Everything is charged, powered and bound, but there's no response to the Tx, except when doing the ESC calibration.

The documentation shows a number of mandatory hardware calibration wizards in the left sidebar of planner, but I'm not seeing those on my screen.

Maybe a bug in the software? Will a pixhawk not respond to a bound transmitter if it hasn't been properly initialized?

Any help would be great! Thank you!




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I picked up a 2014 RTF Y6 w/o transmittter one month ago.  The firmware was all setup and configured correctly - though the documentation was subpar and incorrect.  All I had to do was hook up the receiver and do the radio calibration.  It flew well from the start.  I was under the impression that all RTF aircraft had been test flown, so you shouldn't have needed to go through those steps.

Did you get the radio from 3DR as part of the package?  Do you see movement on the radio calibration page - either hooked up via telemetry or by usb? 

Good to know, thanks! I've been trying to figure out what calibration or setup I need to do, since it's not responding to the remote control (except for during the ESC calibration). I got everything from 3DR, yep.

I don't see a radio calibration page in APM:Planner. I think that's part of my problem.

However, I do see that the ground radio connected to my mac is communicating with the remote on the copter.

In the PC version of MissionPlanner you don't see those calibration and other initial setup options until you have connected to the Pixhawk.  Your APM Planner looks quite different, but maybe the theme is the same.  

If you are using the Spektrum DX7s receiver 3DR tends to ship with the unit, make sure the satellite receiver on the copter has an orange light glowing, which would indicate it is communicating with the transmitter. 

Turns out all I had to do to get my copter calibrated was install a virtual machine on my MacBook so I could run mission planner on windows 7. I didn't realize the Mac version was still in early beta, but it was basically non functional for me as of mid April 2014.



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