Hey guys

I'm looking to use ArduPilot as a layer within a UAV, but without using the ground station to input waypoints... what I want to do is have another device (presumably an Arduino) on the quadcopter, which sends commands to the ArduPilot somehow. The problem is the somehow.

Is this possible, and how would I go about it? I presume that it would be via serial, but is there already a library or other procedure to input specific instructions?

I've read that on older versions of ArduPilot, serial was only possible instead of XBee/GPS, does that still apply?

And finally, could I redirect the XBee telemetry information to the serial, so that I can process it on the second arduino board and forward it on?



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You should investigate Mavlink - this is the protocol used for telemetry and control. That is, if you mean the current ArduPilotMega and not the older versions.

Excellent, thankyou - I was sure I'd read something about it months ago, but when I came back I couldn't find it and assumed I'd made it up. That's exactly what I was looking for.

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