When i go over 50% of the throttle, the motor seems to spin @ 100% gradually but quickly and yaw to the right. Hear the sound of motors in the video. What can i do now?



Video: http://youtu.be/qeatK4JFG6Y



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You have a wire loop (battery power).


This is certainly causing compass deviation.


Connect to Mission Planner and watch the compass output when you rise throttle.



hi, i changed the battery but it's same. How can i find this "wire-loop"? i don't know where to check. I don't know how to read compass data while flying. I made a log file, could you help me find the compass data?

Thanks so much for reply


cannot resolve! please say me what i must do, i'm very much frustrated!!!! i cange ALL parts.. i buy another apm kit presoldered but nothing :(((




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