installing APM planner on Raspberry pi and setting up APM on quadcoptor.

I am having a hard time getting apm planner installed on my raspberry pi that will control my quad-copter.  is there a raspberry pi image that will just work?

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Problem list

APM planner keep saying rc not calibrated.

flashed Q-brain with BL hali firmware.  I dont know how to set it in apm planner

wanted to add secondary flight controller to raspberry pi using clearflight or maybe APM planner

I don't know how or where to connect sonic range finder to raspberry pi HAT or ardupilot .

what is mavlink and how do I use it?


Try postig for help here The official home for APM Planner 2.0 support

I have APM planner running on Raspberry pi. I will try to post the image file.

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