I have hooked up my Pixhawk with new osd . it came with 2 different cable to select. I used the 1

with the "Y" cable that connects directly to the Pixhawk and the other end runs wild . is this a correct

hookup ? . also; I got the transmitter hooked up to my quad , camera and Black Pearl 7" diversity

monitor. cannot receive video . changed all band freq. back and forth to no success. Does anything

need to be done in Mission planner or Adrupilot download for OSD to connect to get camera to work.

thanks for any info,

Frankie Bal

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If you are using minimOSD, it needs to be powered to output video : on one side by 5v from the telemetry cable; and on the video side by 12V.
In addition you will not see any OSD as long as you did not start your ground station telemetry (by connecting mossion planner through telemetry)

hey Hugues ,

im new to the sport. I hooked all connection according to instructions .also ; I downloaded drivers in each "2"

telemetry radios 915MHz . but I simply cannot get video.

thanks for info ,

Frankie Bal

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