What does the Ardupilot do if/when GPS is lost while in flight?

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No answers yet? I think, I've read somewhere about such case. It was saying that arduplane will be loitering(circle mode) until it get GPS fix. But, I'm not sure that this one was from this autopilot, so don't trust this words much...


I guess, developers will know better. Will be waiting for their answer.

Yes, I've found it! Here is the post from Chris Anderson. Which says that "In APM 2.x, one of the failsafe options is that if GPS is lost the aircraft will circle until it is regained."

Really? ... I don't see anything about GPS failsfe options in either the APM_Config.h file or in the Arduplane.pde code (after a quick cursory review) for Arduplane 2.40 ... what am I missing? ... I see no GPS failsafe ... and we need it ... help!

found that in case of a sudden GPS lost it tries to loiter holding bank angle and watching altitude changes by barometer, but in case of no GPS lock since init it will just fly in stabilize.

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