I have been testing a new airframe and payload configuration for research planned this summer.  I am using a new skywalker with the provided configuration file.  I am pleased with my initial flights and have begun to experiment with auto mode.  My sense is that once auto mode is completed and the plane has hit all of its waypoints it is done.  You can't go back to the beginning by throwing the mode switch again.  Can someone please confirm this for me?  It seems that there might be a way to re-engage the flight plan through telemetry, but this is unclear.   

Is there a place in the manual or some post that explains the normal operation of auto mode?   I am looking for an example if there is such a thing.  I have made what I think is a thorough search, but it is possible that I have missed something.  Is there an opportunity to manipulate the flight plan when in the air?  I see where there is now a "Fly to Here" feature which would allow some interaction with the programmed flight plan. 

Any help you can give would be most appreciated and thank you in advance for your assistance.


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In the adv parameters list i use my ch5 to reset mission. Works perfect!

Thanks Tommy.  So you flip the switch controlling Channel 5 and it resets the flight plan.  I will look into that.  Sounds pretty simple.  I think I am using Channel 5 and 6 together to get 6 modes out of Channel 5 on my Spektrum DX7s, but this will get me started.

Yes, just flip the switch and it restarts mission.

I have my plane set up with the mode switch giving 3 positions (Man, Stabilize and FBW-A) as these are the only instant controls I need on the Tx . I use a seperate spring return switch to reset the mission and I select auto, RTL or circle from the GCS screen after I verify everything is looking OK on the telemetry. 

Nice and simple  on 6 channels Tx.

Dwgsparky, great suggestion!  That is something I hadn't even thought about yet.  I haven't had a chance to play with the flight control features on the GCS.  I am glad to hear that things work for you before I take the plunge!

I did it this way for 2 reasons,

1) my brain is getting old and the 1 grey cell is overloaded if I have to try to remember 6 positions and what they do.

2) I want system that is easy to use because then its fun not work.


I take off and fly normally in Man, set the plane up in Stab, and or FBW-A on the selector switch so I can flip and try from the RC tx. when all is good I can then check everything on the GCS laptop and select Auto and sit and watch it work. If something goes crazy then I flick the swtich to Man or stabalise and I have control again. the APM remembers the last change it recieves from either the GCS or the Tx. I activate the voice as well and so I always know which mode I'm in without thinking it through, or looking at the screen. (see reason 1).

its all a lot easier than it seems , set it up and play for hours until you can do everything without having to think.


Yep, my brain has all it can handle just getting to the field with everything I need.  My transmitter is covered with notes, but then I have to remember my classes.  Your suggestion makes a lot of sense!  

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

I hear you, I fly an X5 and use a catapult for launching. Last week I assembled everything at the field and then realized the laptop was still at home. I had to leave the blonde person on guard while I made the trip to collect the laptop. Now added to check list!!!


I use this method for 6 mode switch on my radio :)

You can upload a new or updated flight plan in the air, as long as the telemetry link is working, and you can also make a looping flight plan by using the "Jump" feature in the mission planner.  That way it can loop a series of waypoints a set number of times or indefinitely until you send an RTL command.

I also just keep my transmitter set up to switch between manual and stabilize and send 'mission' commands via the laptop!

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