Hi, I'm having a problem with an Xbee pro 868 on my Easystar. If I raise the transmit power to anything above 1mW a servo will jump whenever the unit transmits which in this case is every 500ms or so. it's also strange that only one servo jumps as the Xbee is near the tail. I am using the development kit so I have one unit with a wire antenna and the other has the RPSMA antenna. If I swap the unit on the Easystar it works fine. I wondered if anyone else has come across this problem and found a fix before I have go out and buy another RPSMA unit ?

Thanks, James

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I had that problem and found that it was due to the serial line from the autopilot running too close to the servo. I re-routed the line and the problem went away.
I wondered about that because the serial line does run very close to that servo but dismissed it as just an RF issue when I tried the RPSMA version which didn't cause any problems. I'll re-route the serial cable and give it a go. Thanks Chris.

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