hi dear friends,

i am using udp connection for connecting apm mission planner and apm2

when i try to connect sometimes i see this error

Socked Closed

ArdupilotMega.MAVLink.OpenBg(Boolean getparams, ProgressWorkerEventArgs ProgressWorkerEventArgs)

ArdupilotMega.Controls.ProgressReporterDialougue.RunBackgroundOperation(Object o)

and sometimes, 5-10 minutes after the connection i am disconnecting by oneself

and after disconnect i look my connection via udp test software, transmission line is active and cant see any problem.

after i can connect well again

what this mean?

or how can i diagnose my problem

best regards.

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its hard to say without any more info. as it would be network related, or one of many other options.

thank you for reply michael

maybe i can explain my problem 

when i use udp connection i am disconnecting

i setup the virtual serial port monitor

i use udp with this software  and converting udp data to virtual serial port.

and i am connecting with com port selection to apm

everything is very very good

i solve my problem with this software

if someone meet this problem they can use vspm.exe software

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