Is there anyone that could please help me by telling me what the best intrinsically safe helicopter drone would be?

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One that has no mass.

Preferably a medium size drone, but what did you have in mind? I found this Parrot Bebop 2 light cage C1D2 Drone, but the website said it was out of stock.

Problem is you can't  put a guard around a heli main rotor  (or would be extremely  difficult). Not that it's necessary easy with large multirotors either, but at least it's more doable.

The key question here is what you mean by "intrinsically safe"...
IS has a specific meaning already, and it relates to electrical equipment operating in hazardous areas, in other words, Atex technology. If this is what you mean, you're out of luck, because the energy required for sUAS helicopter flight in general is way too much to be easily tamed to non-igniting levels.

If on the other hand you are just thinking about general flight safety, I think the safest solutions are the ones combining lighter than air and fixed wing technology like Nimbus:
While a combination of helicopter and dirigible technology with a similar goal is also feasable, I don't think it would be of much practical use.

I consider it wrong to consider ANY drone safe. If it has a power source and blades then it must always be treated as potentially dangerous. This is true even if the blades are shrouded or protected.
I'm not knocking drones. I use multi rotors and fixed wing but I treat them with the respect that they deserve. That's why I can still count to 10 on my fingers and thumbs.

No such thing as an intrinsically safe drone.

A drone with intrinsically safe levels of power/mass etc. will either be unable to fly, or unusable for practical applications.

I would probably guess this is one of the most safe "Drones"...


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