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So I decide to build a drone from scratch for aerial photography after watching YouTube videos showing iceland. I've started the research and process of building a drone. I understand the process of how most parts of the drone interface with the flight controller system. But is it possible to build a photography drone in which you are able to view the image as the drone is flying prior to take the picture or as the GoPro/sports camera is filming? What parts are necessary to add to the gimbal? Wiring? Or is my only option mounting an fpv system at the same angle as the camera? Most of my drone experience thus far has been from reading online and watching YouTube videos, so I apologize if my question appears uneducated and stupid. PS) I have learned to fly cheap toy drones effectively

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  • Hey Travis!
    I’m pretty well into the building world now but not perfect by any means! Let me see if I can answer some of those questions for you! You can build a drone with a GoPro that you can view what let recording, you will need mainly three components, first an adapter chord for the go pro, second and third a video transmitter(tx) and video receiver (rx). There are many ways to do this, this is just the one I know. The video set up will run video back to whatever the receiver is plugged into. As far as a gimbal systems those are pretty plug and play and you shouldn’t have much trouble getting them up. Remember for wiring all of this needs power and you need to pay attention to how much from the distribution it BEC’s you may have. Hopefully that’s clear as mud I’ll help as much as I can please ask any questions you have!

    Happy building!
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