Introducing the Splash Drone 3 + make easy money by sharing the campaign

Hi everyone,

Swellpro and, the creators of the original Splash Drone, are back on Kickstarter with the Splash Drone 3. (Full disclosure I'm helping them with marketing).

We'd like to invite everyone to check out the campaign and give us their feedback on both the campaign and the drone itself. Your ideas mean a lot to us and are taken into consideration prior to shipping the final version. We welcome all feedback.

Here is a link to the campaign.

Also, we are offering an affiliate marketing program. All you have to do is fill out a form and you will receive a link. You would then share that link with your network and get a % of all $ raised through that link.

If you would like to participate here is the form.

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What is this based on? PX4, Arducopter? 

No, the FC is proprietary.

Do you mean PX4 based, proprietary, or from another open source base, proprietary extensions, or third party proprietary?

Even larger companies like Traxxas (Ardupilot FC) or Aminon (Cleanflight base) don't develop there own so guessing if you are going kickstarter you couldn't  spend the 100's of man years to develop, even with rudimentary functionality, from the ground up? Not even considering testing ...

Ryan, it costs millions of dollars to develop a proprietary flight controller from scratch.  How can you support that on a $50,000 kickstarter campaign?

If anyone wants a splash drone with a Pixhawk installed, please contact me, I have one.   Alex, the guy running this campaign is a friend of mine.  


 I'd like to talk to you about using the splash drone for another project. It needs to be waterproof and why re-invent the wheel? I sent a friend request so I can explain more in a private message later.


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