My mission planner 1.1.40 seems inverted on the roll. When I lean my quad to the left, the mission planner shown it lean to the right (Horizontal bar lean to right). The roll value shown negative in the mission planner status window.

I'm using Arducopter 2.4.1 and I fly in stabilize mode very well, so i guess no issue with my radio or arducopter setting.





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if you where sitting in the quad, what would the horizon look like? it is correct.

I'm sorry I don't get your question. Btw, I took a picture of both the quad and mission planner. This time I make the quad leab to the right.

The roll value shown positive 18

what you are seeing is normal and correct. it is showing you what the horizon would look like from onboard the aircraft.

I just get confused with this matter and was afraid something wrong.

Thanks to clarify.

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