Has anybody did such a project already?

I have plan to use CAMremote-Wifi as a ground controller for my ArduCopter.


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The only problem I have with it is the wifi limits of under 400 feet in clear point to point. Thats a fairly big limit in my books and makes me want to wait off to see what the new GoPro Hero 2 with the Wifi Remote has to offer with its built transmitter in the backpack.
I know this is not actually the information you are looking for becaue I have not used it, but it is my thoughts on the system for what it is worth.

If you do this as a project, I would be interested in seeing how it all works out and what kind of success you get out of it.

I haven't seen anybody do that.  You'll be instantly popular if you make it work and make a blog post!



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