Today when I was trying to find something I found something really
interesting. Especially for us who is working on AeroQuad/AeroCopter.

IR Rangefinder with I2C bus well that would fit quite perfectly to our
upcoming AeroCopter. Especially now that I have just finished my I2C
ESC's for this same platform.

The Sharp GP2D12 is an excellent, well proven sensor. Its analog outputmakes is reliable and inexpensive, but a bit processor-intensive to use with a microcontroller. Our DIRRS+ fixes
this by letting you poll it for digital output in any of 3 methods.

But when you're using multiple sensors, you can quickly run out of I/O
lines, or code-space to handle all the different sensors. Enter the I2C-It, a slave-mode I2C device!

The I2C-It lets you use the popular I2C / TWI (Two-Wire interface) to
string up to 8 sensors on a single I/O line! And by simply changing the
device address in your code, you can change which sensor you're asking
data from!

More information from Solarbotics website

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Sadly the product seems to have been discontinued

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