IRIS Gimbal Test Flight from robcee on Vimeo.

I spent the weekend configuring the Tarot 2D gimbal on my IRIS.

Check out the buttery smooth video!


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Now tilt your camera down and change your GoPro to Medium FOV to get rid of your props.

Firmware 1.4 on the Tarot had an issue with small motor vibrations.  To fix the issue we had to reduce the tilt power setting from 35 to 25 using the Tarot software.  This fixed the issue.

yep, I did have to do that as I was getting a 0 volt on the roll line causing my camera to be tilted permanently. Disconnecting that let the gimbal do its thing. :)

good tips, thanks!

you may want to try increasing your yaw rate p.  I increased mine all the way to .8 and the yaw was much more locked in. Best thing to do is set the knob on the TX so you can keep increases the value as youre flying and see what works for you.  Its much easier using FPV.

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