Hello everybody! What do you think about this mission? Its about to fly in a circle with a ROI in the center of it.

The "risky" part on this is flying above sea and mountains as you might see on the aereal map and the photos. Location is San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

This scenic lookout (voted #1 in Oceanic Views of the World by the National Geographic) gives a peerless view over the Gulf of California, dramatic Tetakawi (a volcanic hill jutting out of the sea) and the secluded coves of Playa Piedras Pintas.

What do you suggest to take into account on trying this flight?

WP Radius is 150 meters and ALT is 50 for all WP as well

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If you have never tried this before, I suggest you try it over land away from the Ocean / Sea at a higher altitude, so if there are any issues you have some time to take control before your Iris hits the ground.

Once you are happy that the Iris performs at 50m AGL in the radius you have specified, then go and carry out the mission, but I would suggest you make sure the land does not rise more than 50m from the Home / Start position, there are no obsticules, then start the mission at 3 O' Clock rather than 12 O' Clock, so you can make sure that the batteries have plenty of power when over the Ocean.

Also make sure you factor in wind, I know one person who had their UAV stuck out over the sea and could not get it back as the wind was blowing out to sea!

The WP radius is the area where the flight triggers WP reached. At 150m the outcome will be a smaller flight path radius. Using a 3m WP radius would be advisable.

I appretiate your advices. I definitely will try it over land first as you suggested! 

Hey, Bill, I thank you for clarifying me about this radius thing. I thought it was another thing completely different. 


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