What would I be missing if I purchased the IRIS but only have a Linux box and an Android Tablet as computers?

The idea of running Mission Planner under Wine / Mono is unappealing as its a half baked solution with its own set of problems. I don't own a Windows box, but have several Linux (Fedora 19/20) boxes.

Can command line under Linux provide a replacement for MP, at least at some minimal level? Are there any utilities available that in some combination (scripting) can provide what MP provides?

BTW - I'm an EE / professional software developer strictly Linux for the last 14 years.

PS - Any plans to rewrite MP as a web app so it can run under any O/S via a browser?

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Android solutions are in beta now, and so is "APM Planner", a Linux/Mac/windows GCS based on qgroundcontrol. See http://diydrones.com/xn/detail/705844:BlogPost:1544101 and http://diydrones.com/xn/detail/705844:BlogPost:1543348 for the full GCS software. Look around for the other android-based solutions. There are three, in various states of functionality, right now. One from event38, and two others besides. I don't want to Mis-name them here.

Thank you for your response.

This brings up another issue. I've read that PixHawk, which IRIS has, is the future development direction in hardware. Is there a similar clearly visible "direction" for the development of the software side? Is there an FAQ of some other source that can provide the big picture of where diydrones is generally headed via software?

Pixhawk has been positioned as the platform of choice for advanced users and research applications. I don't believe it represents the entirety of the "future ... Direction"

Almost all the Dev to Dev communication is performed by way of the google groups email lists. They are public. Feel free to join the dialog.
I don't know that you'll find a grand roadmap, you do know that much of the software is developed by volunteers, right? There are certainly goals, some are longer visions, but most evolve and many are immediate needs, not long term roadmaps.

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