Hello everyone:

Yesterday, what it seemed like a nice day to fly, it became the end to my IRIS+. I just started flying over a wheat field and suddenly the IRIS+ stopped responding telemetry commands, raised up itselft for about 50 meters, then flew away and went side until it crashed, like if a motor had stopped working.

The results: all the four legs got crashed, the chasis is all with scratches, the front red leds didn't turn on anymore and the GoPro Hero3+ housing scratches too. Fortunately the Gimbal was not installed.

I'm feeling pretty dissapointed now on the IRIS+ since I spent so much money on it. Today sent an email to Help department at 3DRobotics hoping for an explanation of what happened and looking forward for some kind of warranty.

Here is the video and the photo showing how the IRIS+ ended up so I wondering if you guys could notice something wrong on this attempt to fly.


Log files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nzuiixs0lba4ju/QUADROTOR.zip?dl=0

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He has an IRIS+ which has a large metal disk between the GPS and Pixhawk that should isolate it from the wires.

This is good info! I was flying with a Garmin Virb (wifi off), and have printed a mount to relocated to the top, and more centered. I was more concerned about weight distribution, but will be interesting to mess with this a bit.

Cool, I have the first IRIS, might not hurt to open it up and see whats going on in there though, maybe the lead is touching the disk, that would do the same thing, also there maybe some damage after that big of a crash

Did you take off on level ground? At 26sec it just lists to the side, and sits there, then takes off.

I read another article about the fact that a guy put a battery in, and during the initialization, the gyros mis-calibrated due to not being flat and stable during the initial power-on sequence.

Holy crap...I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that video Jim! 

A couple of questions - Where is your camera mounted on your Iris? Seems like an odd angle. And what are you recording off that it had the mph and flight info on your video?

Craig, I use a Garmin Virb. The Garmin Virb has it's own GPS, and records a .gpx file while it records video. Virb Edit then reads the .gpx and allows you to merge it into a video, and select all those custom dashboard icons, etc. Pretty cool actually!

My Virb mounts to the stock GoPro mount on the IRIS+, up front. I've printed a couple of different mounts to move it around.

Yes I did at level ground, but it was not flat enough I guess because before that it could not take off and in fact I tried two more times before it took off.

Dear Vu Tran, has your team found something wrong already in the logs? :)

I'm confused with your logs.  In all of your logs, they bank is around 45 degrees. It also had GPS problems continuously.  

Quadcopters should take off very level.  If it doesn't take off level, I land and try to diagnose the problem.  I often re-calibrate accelerometer and/or the compass. 

I'm surprised you didn't notice the bank problems when you had it hooked up to mission planner.

Before I fly a new configuration (nearly every flight, for that matter).  I look at the autopilot attitude to make sure it knows which way is up.  

Bummer about your crash!!! If there is any bright side you found it. I've been flying for about  year and one three things I have learned to do. Start the pixhawk on level surface and don't touch it until it's done booting up. Wait for it to get at least 8-9 sats and an hdop of under 2. And most importantly make sure to learn how to fly in Stab mode and have that mode available at an instant notice! Always when it doubt hit stab and high throttle. This way you are not relying on the gps in any way and you can gain altitude THEN figure out what's going on and or fly home. That's not to say that would have helped in your case I have no idea. But it has saved me a couple times.

The video reminds me of when I had a fly away and it was because I didn't know I had broken off my TX antenna so as soon as it went out of range it just kept going with the last know stick posositions. Your quad looks like it had a slight right stick and it just kept going with no more changes, Just like it lost TX signal. I set up throttle FS after my issue. Anyway good luck putting it back together!! 

Thank everyone for your interesting opinions and diagnosis. 

Just to let you know that I've got an answer from 3DR Support. They said, as many here, that I tried to took off on a non-flat surface which I did. Logs registers a big difference between the EKF1 Yaw and the actual IRIS+ Yaw, so that procuded the crash. They offered me two alternatives: 15% off on replace parts or free-revision-repair if I sent the IRIS to them (I will pay shipping handling), which I'm going to do. Thank you all and fly safe, never do what I did.

That's great you now know what happened that makes you much more confident to fly again! Great customer service too!!


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