I'm looking at purchasing something to carry a GoPro with a gimbal. I've notice that there is a pretty good discount on last years Y6. The Iris is a everything included type setup

Iris is 750 w/Radio, telemetry, GPS, Pixhawk ready to go.

2013 Y6 is $470 w/ telemetry and GPS

Add $200 for pixhawk

Add $90 for a FS-TH9X TX\RX

That comes to $760

Am I missing something? obviously batteries charger but those are things both will need as well as the gimbal and GoPro. Seems to be a great deal for either at about $1400 out the door.

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So I emailed 3DR about mounting a Pixhawk on the last generation Y6 and they said 

The Y6 2013 edition plate is not made to be able to fit the Pixhawk ardupilot board on to the copter plate. Also the Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Kit for 3DR Quad/Y6/X8 it is not compatible to be mounted on the bottom plate of the Y6 copter 2013 model.

So I understand they are trying to sell the new model and all and I understand the mounting holes aren't made to line up but couldn't you mount a pixhawk and then fab your own moutning plate for the gimbal? Seems easy enough.

We've done exactly that.  The Pixhawk fits fine and we mounted a Tarot T-2D on the front of our Y6.

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