I seem to be coming across an error from ironpython while trying to write a script for mission planner. I can't run the requests module because of an error:

Error running script 'module' object has no attribute '_getFrame'

this is my test code: 

import sys

import requests


it finds the module requests but has an error in it.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  

I found this:  online, but I am obviously not using the ipy.exe directly so this won't work:

"You can just add the argument -X:Frames so invoke the script like ipy.exe -X:Frames script.py"

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Update:  I got the module httplib2 up and running with the other module of the code. I'll have to wait until Mon to make sure it's all working but if so then that will be a fine workaround for me. But it doesn't actually fix the problem. Any module that requires the "_getFrame" attribute will still have issues

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