I'm currently using Arduplane V2.24 with no problems fitted with GPS, Magnetomater, Xbees 900Mhz telemetry and airspeed sensor. Try to update to V2.28 but MP does not read stick movement of rc transmitter during setup. Also used Arduino0022, 0023 and 100 to verify 2.28 and all indicated compiling errors on V2.28. Revert back to V2.24 with no problems. Am I missing something?

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Download and use one of the "relax" patch versions of Arduino. You will find them on the same download page where you got the v2.28 source.

As for not reading the stick movement, try a manual "erase" from the CLI, see if that makes a difference.

The 0022 and 0100 are the "relax" patch versions from the download page. V2.24 verified with no problem but V2.28 gives compiling errors. 

I can try "erase" to try get the stick movement read next time on V2.28. For the time being I'm back to V2.24 with no issues. 

Tq, appreciate your responses.

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