Has anyone managed to get Arduplane 2.74 HIL working with X-Plane.

I haven't been able to get HIL working since 2.65, is there a fix?

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We use it every day. Are you using the latest MP? 

Thanks Chris

Yes MP version 1.2.74, simlink connects ok but, but the HUD jumps about all over the place and when I switch to auto or stabilize the control surfaces go beserk trying to  compensate for the flight data that's making the HUD jump about.

I'm using an APM1 2560 and X-Plane 9.2.

Ah. that's the problem. The old X-Plane 9.x is no longer supported. We only support X-Plane 10.x. Please see the manual here

Thanks Chris,

That explains it, I had missed that update, I'll invest in X-Planes 10 then.

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