I would use the DJI smart batteries (i.e. The ones used with the M600 Pro, TB47S) in order to have higher density batteries and a smart chip to discharge them after x days.

I know these guys from Italy achieved it, don't know if they used APM-like FC: https://youtu.be/l1USMC-F7eU

Anyone already tried to implement these kind of batteries with the Pixhawk?


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There are better, cheaper, more open alternatives to the DJI batteries.

Smart batteries are supported already, that means the proper, open smart battery standard from late 80s , not proprietary DJI stuff :)

Thanks Andre,

do you have any suggestion besides Tattu Smart LiPos? We are also looking for a compact solution, that’s why we liked DJI.

There are also BattGo batteries.

Thanks, I'm going to check them now.

Vavooon said:

There are also BattGo batteries.

Not really suitable for multirotors, but if you're looking for long endurance (fixed-wing) check out my new thread:

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