Good morning DIY community,

I was hoping some of you might have more information about what is happening with the Lidar-Lite products?

LIDAR-Lite v2 has been marked EOL.

They were bought by Garmin recently: Garmin® Completes Acquisition of PulsedLight®

Is there any information available about the status of their current and future UAV products?

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They were purchased by Garmin as per this:

I had written them an email about problems I was having and got a very cryptic email back with pretty much the same information. So a great little company gets purchased by a huge company and then disappears of the face of the earth. How sad. Did Garmin buy them to kill the product? Perhaps they had something similar? Or did they just screw up the merger.

What a shame they have been bought by Garmin. Now the prices will increase dramatically or they will dissapeap from use for hobbyists.

Not just hobbyists, research institutions on a budget too. It's a shame. 

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