I'm trying to use my Sony NEX5 camera as a FPV camera using this HDMI AV converter :

My config is the following:

- I use a readymaderc Video Tx and receiver.

-The above mentioned HDMI converter is powered directly by the battery of the The NEX5 camera. This converter sends out only Video, Audio and ground signals (no +5v out).

-The Video Tx is powered by a 3S lipo.

Without MinimOSD, if I connect the "video out" + ground lines  of the hdmi converter to the video Tx, everything works fine. I get a stable image on the monitor.

Now if I add the minimosd in between, I get a rolling/flickering image. And the OSD overlay comes in and out and does not update. 

Has anyone had the same issue and found a way to solve it ?
My connection diagram is the following : 

MinimOSD config: version 1.1, firmware 2.0 and corresponding character set loaded via the GUI tool.
Also I did another test using a readymaderc fpv camera (PAL, 600TVL) : i get a stable image with minimOSD overlay on the video but no OSD values are updated (only the artificial horizin moves but all other values are zero : current, voltage, long, lat, etc). Why is that ? (I configured in mission planner the SR3 parameters as davised on the wiki)
So my questions:
-Did I wire something wrong ?
-Did I configure something wrong ?
-Is MinimOSD incompatible with PAL cameras ?
-Is MinimOSD incompatible with this specific SOny NEX5 camera ?
Thx for any help to setup it up right,
This video explains maybe better my issue:

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@Chapman, yes indeed this model of hdmi converter is special for SOny NEX5 and is powered vie the camera directly; take a look here : http://www.himodel.com/FPV_Telemetry...ony_5N_5R.html

I progressed a bit in my debugging and I more or less isolated the isue with the converter : either bad contacts or defect PCB. So I ordered another type of hdmi2av converter to test and confirm/eliminate this possible cause.

I run telemetry to mission planner and to minimOSD just fine. I did click the "Using OSD" button in MP though, as initially minimOSD was not updating.

If the FPV monitor can display it, the MAX can handle it.

That hand thing tells me that you probably have either a cold solder point, a short or an open circuit somewhere - maybe a broken cable - most likely on the ground path.

Hi ,

Here an update of my experiments and final positive conclusion to this post: I've got... SUCCESS.

I think that Swift has put its finger on the root cause of my problem because I made it worked tonight with another HDMI2AV converter than the one I was using initially. So indeed it looks like the only probable cause left is the converter I was using outputs a video signal that is apparently incompatible with Max7456.

The one I was using (and thus that I do NOT recommend to use in combination with a NEX5R and MinimOSD) is the following : http://www.himodel.com/FPV_Telemetry/Mini_HDMI_to_A_V_Conversion_Ca...|PAL_output_for_Sony_5N_5R.html

-> that one is bad bad bad, very bad (and expensive)

The one that works well (and this is also confirmed by many users on all NEX5 FPV specialized forums I visited in the last few days) is this one:


I did a little hack on the way:

I removed the plastic casing first, then I desoldered the three RCA plugs to replace them with standard male servo connectors. I then put the plastic case back and covered it with Aluminium tape.

It weighs after this small hack : 38 grams. (you could also leave the case away to gain some more grams).

And it does not require any power supply !

The path to success was full of ambushes : for example, just in these last few hours :  I had a immersionRC 12V step up converter that definitively failed + I emptied a LIfe battery too low not paying attention during my tests + I had to reflash MinimOSD a few times to have a correct display of the character set + something new undocumented I've learned:

->if you connect a standard servo cable (three wires) to carry just video and ground (two wires used on three), you MUST disconnect the third wire (the third unused one) on MinimOSD side, otherwise you will not get the video on the screen! (you will just get garbled displays)...

Conclusion : this MinimOSD is a very sensitive wild beast to master by trial and error...pfewww

Thx to all for having helped me to solve this.

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