In the pursuit of a vibe free frame i have been experimenting with easy low-cost solutions, and I've come up with a cracker that i will soon share with you all once I've finished gathering data.


In the meantime I have a concern about my apm2.0 test board.


As you can see from the graphs and log below my the vibrations in hover (from a shaky frame) are being very well dampened indeed, however I am seeing some nasty spikes on the z-axis, every few seconds or so.




If i swap out for my APM 1.4 or 2.5, using same radio and everything else, there are no spikes. It's just this board.


Does anyone know what might be causing this? See specifically line 1491 of the log shows one of the massive spikes. My z-axis vibration is almost undetectable in the logs. I'm just a bit concerned about these massive spikes.



I should add it flies great....


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Any chance that your anti-vibe system is allow the board to actually move too much and occaisionally strike something below it?

BTW, I'd love a peak at what you're doing. ;)

I talked to Randy about this and he seemed to think it was just a logging problem. But I am not convinced. We need to get him to have a closer look at it.

Some observations:

You have a bunch of errors in this log:

ERR, 29, 0
ERR, 80, 0
ERR, 147, 0
ERR, 148, 0
ERR, 104, 0
ERR, 142, 0
ERR, 39, 0
ERR, 75, 0
ERR, 24, 0
ERR, 52, 0
ERR, 44, 0
ERR, FS, 0

You also have spikes through everything! Not just the z acceleration. The only thing you don't seem to have spikes in is the ATT (except Nav Yaw).

And the performance measure doesn't make sense at all!

Sorry I can't help more!

Thanks guys, i can confirm its a loggin problem, possibly a hardware one.


This thing is flying great but it will not produce a sensible log for love nor money.


I think the SD card or something connected to it is screwed. I do an erase, do one flight, plug it in, it tells me i have 253 logs starting at -254, none of which are downloadable, the dump sort of dumps everything but makes not difference. Ive tried to reformat the SD card following the less than definitive instructions in the wiki. Can't get it to play ball.


I will play some more.



I had this after swapping to the 2.5 from the 2.0 - I loaded the settings from a saved file and had spikes and jumps all over the place with an added negative altitude theat put it somewhere near the earths core.

Erase the eeprom a few times then reload firmware and enter the PIDs by hand - does the problem go away ?

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