I'm doing some multi copter design research, and I notice a lot of the professional drone companies use tiger motors in their designs. In people's experience (assuming price is not an issue) is T-motors really the best for multicopter design? If so why? If not, who else do you suggest checking out?

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T-motor are very good, and offer some of the largest sizes available, which is why they are common on high-end machines.  But also check out KDE which are possibly better construction.

In smaller sizes there are some options for high quality more reasonably priced motors.  iPower, SunnySky, etc.

Ditto on Rob.  I have had lots of good experience with T-Motors.  KDE as well, they are like a T-Motor rival and are possibly better.  KDE does have much better motor test data publicly available.

Yeah, I can't say which performs better, but the KDE are designed to be serviced.

Awesome, thanks guys

T motor is good, but often rate motor limits in watts which is generally the most useless form of motor limit data. KDE does tend to not only provide better information on their motors but also has most of their motor limitations clearly in amps which is generally much more useful. Scorpion makes good stuff as well. 

You actually need to know both limits, amps and watts.

Of course, though most suppliers also specify a cell count for your maximum amperage which will give you the same thing. 

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