Where could I find a tutorial that goes through the Ardupilot code? I'm not new to arduino and I understand c fairly well. I am, however, new to Ardupilot and would like to have a good understanding of the code before I begin programming with it.

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  • I've been nibbling around the edges of the code for a few weeks myself.  Are you two asking about tutorials on using the code as is to get a plane flying itself, or about an overview of what does what so you can start really coding to modify arduplane or create derivative software?

    The code is well commented, but well commented code to do something complex like flying a plane is still complex code... just with comments.  

    I was thinking the other day that, as much for my understanding as anything, I'd like to go through all the code and make an overview...  a list of every variable in the program, with what that variable actually is and where is it modified, as well as a function by function plain text description.  That way if someone wanted to write their own code to handle a certain task they could at least get a head start on what parts would be affected by the pieces they delete or modify, as well as what to call when, and where to look for a particular bit of data.

    The problem with an undertaking like that is it would have to be maintained... and the idea would be to make life EASIER on those actually doing the coding, not more difficult when they have to update the wiki every time they touch the code... so I fear it would be out of date pretty fast...


  • Hello there

    Can't find anything myself so far either...could anyone enlighten us?

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