Is there any interference problem between Xbee 868 and GSM 900MHz band?

Hello All:

Anyone has experience using Xbee 868 modem in an area where GSM 900MHz cellphone-band is used? I m wondering whether there will be severe interference problem since 868MHz is quite near to 900MHz?

Another problem is is XBee 868 really with that super long range (I mean, 4Km)? I did a test and seems around 1km, signal strengh is already obviously reduced.

Thank you for all suggestions.


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GSM 900 has a bandwidth of 50 MHz: 890-915 MHz for upstream (mobile->tower) and 935-960 MHz for downstream (tower->mobile). The 868 MHz Xbee should operate in the 868-870 MHz range (otherwise they wouldn't sell it in Europe). So there's no overlap and there shoudn't be any interference from a healthy GSM cell tower.

The range should be up to 40 km LOS (or 16 km if in Italy).

(correct me if I'm wrong)

Anyway, what environment did you do the testing in? Did you have a clear line of sight? What antennas were you using?
I think there's no interference between GSM and ISM 868 bands. In Hungary we use GSM cellphones and you can buy 868 MHz radio modules.
The datasheet says that 40 km is the outdoor, line-of-sight range of this radio. In urban conditions it's about half a kilometer.
My further question:
what about 868 MHz ZigBee + 1,3 GHz video downlink? (868*1,5=1300)
What about Aerocomm's :( , I have the US ver , ( i used the spectrum analyser software that comes with but did not see much of other signals though I have towers near by).
Frequency Band
902MHz - 928MHz (US)
915MHz - 928MHz (Australia)
Thank you for your suggestion.

Actually the 1.3GHz video + 868 Xbee is also my next step but not fully determined. Theoretically it should be no problem but I m not starting the test yet.

I also think 5.8GHz video link is also a good choice, assuming the RC ctrl is 2.4GHz hopping + 868MHz wireless data link.
I dont know what is the cellphone bandwidth is US, 900MHz or 2.4GHz?

If 900 is for cellphone, I guess maybe there is some interference. (correct me if I m wrong)
Many thanks for your experience and suggestion.

I did the test in a open soccerfield with quite clear line of sight. For the antenna, I use the one coming with the XBee development kit.

I will do more test and update my result here.
I have used 868 XBee and 900mhz video with no problem.
are you meaning use 868MHz XBee for Ardupilot telemetry download?
There was a discussion here some time ago, because it seems they don't work for this. They have a duty cicle of 10%.
Is there anyone using them successfully?

I thought there was a work-around for the duty cycle issue?
Oh yes they work fine with Ardupilot !

could you please show a link to the devices you use and some more info about their connection to Arduilot?



i think you have hit on somthing here, that im also not sure of...

in a rash moment, i aquired a 2w 868 - 950mhz Vtx, and we also have a 1w Data 900 mhz Tranceiver.

If the Vtx was set to 868 or 950, do you recon that it will bleed all over the data?

We have used both with success but not together, (always testing somthing new and not putting them together as we originally planned)

is there enough room to stop the bleed over?

no expert on Radio systems


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