Is there any way to transmit an amateur radio call sign? Firmware change?

I would like to experiment with amplifiers and larger antennas, and possibly with using the 433MHz radios in the US.

I have an amateur radio license here in the US.

Is there a way to insert call sign information into the data being exchanged by the radios? Perhaps by changing the device ID to your call sign or something of the sort? 

It would be awesome if you could just open up Mission Planner and type in your call sign in a box and then save it to the radios and have them transmit it with every data packet. 

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The kluge I was doing for my rocketry might be still a solution here for APM.   On the drone end, one could use an arduino mini with a program to append a call-sign with every sentence or packet and on the receiving end, another arduino mini to strip off call-sign header before feeding it to whatever you use to monitor telemetry.

Not eloquent, but probably no worst performance wise than what the minim-osd routines are doing. 

BTW - I use a 70cm egg-beater omni to receive telemetry from my rockets.

There is provision for a user defined serial number in the Mission Planner.

Don't know if it is part of the regular data envelope though, just stored on the AP for users reference.

Could be used to store the Call sign and interrogated I suppose

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