Final Update

Things finally got worked out, the copter is a blast to fly, Everything is working as it should. There were some problems when the copter arrived, I had it built and supposedly configured by the folks at 3DR and the basic copter was set up but all the options had to be completed by me like the OSD, Sonar, Radio (also purchased from 3DR) and a couple of other things that I can't remember. This site was fantastic for all the support needed and I complement everyone involved. 


Sincerely and very pleased,

Steve Burton,


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I am sure Chris and team will get you to the flight line....Did it come with radio????

Sorry to hear that. I'll pass this on to the RTF team and I hope they can get back to you ASAP and walk you through this. 

Yes, I ordered it so that everything could be setup, I own a JR x9303, 2)Turnigy's and a DX6i, I didn't need one but I wanted to be configured correctly...


Thanks Chris!

If you look the other side of the mirror, you can take this opportunity to learn a lot about your copter and the way it works...

"Ready To Fly" often means "Ready To Crash" if you don't know the way things work...

Good luck with your hexa !

Hi Steve, how can I help you? I'm sending you an email. 

Hello Steve, sorry about your troubled Hex. Please send me an email- and I can walk you through some troubleshooting steps. We can break down and tackle each of the issues you are having.  Thanks!

Personally, I think the "opportunity to learn" is the best part of this community.

3D Robotics screwed up.  Your dismissive reply (you're a moderator?) is irrelevant and unwelcome.  Not everyone wants to go through a laborious, poorly documented process (and it sounds like Steve has RC experience).

3DR ArduCopter Hexa-C Almost Ready-to-Fly.  It say's "almost" ready to fly Savant.

FYI, Sgt Ric edited his comment after my reply.

Yes, you were right, it did sound dismissive as you pointed out, and that was not what I had intended,

(this medium can make it hard to convey intent)

Thx for the reality check




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