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Things finally got worked out, the copter is a blast to fly, Everything is working as it should. There were some problems when the copter arrived, I had it built and supposedly configured by the folks at 3DR and the basic copter was set up but all the options had to be completed by me like the OSD, Sonar, Radio (also purchased from 3DR) and a couple of other things that I can't remember. This site was fantastic for all the support needed and I complement everyone involved. 


Sincerely and very pleased,

Steve Burton,


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Thank Sgt Ric, but I own two other quads that I built soldered and tested myself and the opportunity to have one factory configured and set up with all the option, and I mean all the options, $1,600 dollars worth, appealed to me. That is why I ordered it, certainly not to learn, did that successfully. But thanks for the comment.


Thanks for watching out for me John and you are correct I didn't buy it to learn, I've put together a couple of quads and I own a DJI S800, I paid my dues in that department.

I wanted a factory configured craft with everything on it and configured by the factory correctlly, I got one that I have to configure and fix and wonder if it is correct...I should have bought a kit and saved a bundle!!!

Hey Guillermo,

Sorry internet access was down all day due to down poles, I haven't recieved your email yet but I'm sure it will get to me soon. I want to get the modes configured along with the failsafe. I have a FlySky/Turnigy that I purchased with the craft.

Joseph, with 3DRobitics has also agreed to help with my situation...all help is truly welcome, thanks for responding

Makes sense, glad Chris got on it like I knew he would. I am sure this will get a quick resolution and it will be flying soon enough!

Thanks Drone Savant,

I agree with everything you said, and I understand it isn't a ready to fly craft without some work, but instructions should have been include, I shouldn't have to look through tons of posts and try to figure out the modes, failsafe, camera hook-up and FPV video that has "0" instructions on how to use it, I tried, with correct batteries, all I get is static, so you can understand my frustration.

I am a loyal die hard fan of DiyDrone, 3DRobotics, Jdrones and everyone associated, I've order 2 quad kits and susceesfully built them and are still flying them both, but I wanted something completely built and configured corectlly from he factory so I would have no doubt that it was done the right way, thanks for any help and thanks for responding!


Thanks, email sent

Didn't want to offend you with my comment,... It looks like you already have a lot of experience in building and tuning... Sorry about that...

I hope they'll solve your problem quickly !


You are not alone.  There probably lurkers reading about your experience.  Shame on them for not adding their input.  Kudos to you.

Like yourself I'm fully capable of building my own machine from scratch and have done so.

Like yourself I decided to spend money to avoid spending my own time.  Expecting an RTF or "turnkey" product I was also disappointed.

The merit-based "fun" of learning/earning a new technology got old when I got a ham license 30 years ago.  Spending over $1K on an "RTF" I received a "PAP".  It was Partially Assembled and Poorly.  I wasn't surprised when the product came, after much delay, from just across the border.  Many companies take advantage of global sourcing available today. 

But I was suprised a company operating in the hobby market exploited global sourcing.  I guess I expect more from hobby communities.

Like yourself I have the highest regard for those who donate so much time and talent to open source solutions.

Like yourself I feel I received a slapped-together sweatshop product.

Any commercial or technical responses are welcome.  Feel free to dive into the details.  Kindly avoid hip-shot and drive-by replies.

Richard Marshall


I think that any issues you have with your RTF are more likely the result of getting a manufacturing system up to speed while the demand is growing simultaneously. Having an operation across the border is not  always about "exploiting global sourcing". Tijuana is a well respected manufacturing hub with ISO 9001 facilities, and I'm sure the people who work there are no more 'sweaty' than I am after a hard day of work. :-)

What kind of problems did you have, were you able to get it flying yet?

I do understand being frustrated when things don't work like you expect, but all that will be forgotten the first time you see your robot fly an Auto mission and come "home" to land!

It's really amazing that we have access to this stuff right now. I really find it frustrating to read articles in Popular Science ( about cool things happening in a lab somewhere, and it always ends with: "This technology wont be available to the public for another ten years."

Thanks Joshua, it's Steve though, not Richard. Thanks for the response, I agree with what you say and I think the need to spend a bit more time on the RTF products for sure.

The problems I had were unconfigured add-ons, almost every add-on. I managed to get it flying and work out the unconfigured FPV camera, the unconfigured transmitter, the unconfigured Failsafe, and the unconfigured camera gimbal. None of those items were configured at all. The one remaining item is the simple OSD that I ordered, it is displaying but nothing is work or updating on the display. I'm sure I will get it figure out, but it's taken well over 40 hours of work, it would have been simpler to built it myself. I do like the fit and finish but having to hunt and figure out all the problems was a very unpleasant experience. At this time I could not recomend purchasing a RTF unit, save a lot of money and do it yourself.




Sorry foor the confusion, I was responding to the comment from Richard Marshall at the bottom of page 2 in this thread.

I had assumed you were up and running, are you still working with Guillermo or Joseph?

My last conversation was with Joe, and I'm not working with Guillermo either, Joe want me to consider sending it back and I tentively agreed but then it took the till late Friday to get a return authorization so I wouldn't have been able to send it till today sometime. I work through the week and weekend and had a test flight Sunday afternoon, all went well except the OSD, I'm sure I'll get that working too.




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