Issues with RTF Hex copter (FINAL UPDATE)

Final Update

Things finally got worked out, the copter is a blast to fly, Everything is working as it should. There were some problems when the copter arrived, I had it built and supposedly configured by the folks at 3DR and the basic copter was set up but all the options had to be completed by me like the OSD, Sonar, Radio (also purchased from 3DR) and a couple of other things that I can't remember. This site was fantastic for all the support needed and I complement everyone involved. 


Sincerely and very pleased,

Steve Burton,


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  • Steve, i would be very disappointed as well. That sounds like an "epic fail". Besides this the motorshafts are way too long and will increase vibration and stress to the motor ball bearings especially when used with "heavy" APC SF props. That seems to me like a real design flaw. General Tip: Always check your propellermounts loosing a prop is never fun...

    Have fun anyway and happy landings!

  • Steve,

    As Rich mentioned, you may need to update the firmware and the Character set (Char Set) on the minimOSD. 

    FTDI cable- useful to have for future updates as well.

    OSD Config tool- This is the software interface for updating firmware and character set

    Firmware update instructions

    CharSet update instructions

    Important note before proceeding:

    Defective and fuzzy chars are the result of a faulty character updating. Max7456's internal memory is really picky about voltage level during a charset update. Usually it happens with some PCs with lower USB voltage. The only way to fix that is updating the charset by feeding the board properly. Just making sure it has around 5V there. 

    I hope this solves the problem for you.

  • Hello Steve, sorry about your troubled Hex. Please send me an email- and I can walk you through some troubleshooting steps. We can break down and tackle each of the issues you are having.  Thanks!

  • 3D Robotics

    Sorry to hear that. I'll pass this on to the RTF team and I hope they can get back to you ASAP and walk you through this. 

  • I am sure Chris and team will get you to the flight line....Did it come with radio????
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