Its flying, but a couple of teething problems !

Ive had an afternoon of successful flights with my quad - i'm well chuffed. I just need some more batteries now.

I still have a couple of issues that I would be grateful of some assistance with.

1. If after a successful flight I land and the Ardupilot goes into sleep mode and I then wake it up by low throttle, right stick for 4 seconds, on throttle up the quad just flips over. If I disconnect the battery and boot up again its fine.

2. Using the standard parameters the Loiter function works once and then if i try a second time the quad takes to the sky (not overly fast, but fast enough).

Im using the Ublox GPS

Any thoughts ?

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  • You know, you may be on to something with that works once, then climbs the second time you use loiter.

    I'll test tomorrow, but it was making me nuts today. I swear to god loiter was perfect last week, I flew all over the park using it to FPV. But today in my yard (small, with trees and wind) I was in and out of loiter many times, and eventually it climbed every time I entered loiter.

    It's to late tonight, but I will check my logs and retest tomorrow. I think you might have found something. 

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