Anybody hook these up ? I have one and tried to install it on the 2560 board and am only getting tilt controll witch is connected to output 5 , when connected also the gimbal moves about 30 degrees and sets its self.

the roll is connected to the output 6. It just does not move at all , but locks the motor in place. ( resistant to moving Buz Buz )

I tried to set it up in the config, but no luck. I just want to use it for stabalizing the go pro, no camera controlls.


Anybody have a idea how to connect these ?


Please help



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Wich APM are you running.  My camera tilt is on channel 5 but hooked up to A10 and A11 with a APM2.   have you enabled the following in Mission planner?

I am using the apm 1, 2650

I have the tilt on channel 5 and it works, I have the roll on 6 output but all it does is jerk the gimbal a bit to the side then lock. So I figure the output must be not channeled to the gyro's.

As I stated earlier, I just want stabilization, no imput from the rx.

Let me look at the link and see if I have done it right.

Anybody else have a guide?



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