This is just a very simple example of how you can use LabVIEW to read joystick information ( and perform actions based on the input). In this
case I used Play Station 2 controler but any joystick can be used.

This is source code for LabVIEW ver 2009

Same source file for LabVIEW version 8.5

Screen shot of the code ( diagram) is located here

LabVIEW does come with an example as well located here ( in your dev environment)

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This is a present problem i am having. Having written a complete Gimbal control system in 8.5 just upgraded to 9...and LV will NOT under win7 see any of the gamepads (2....1 for gimbal, 1 for airframe & systems control)

Is there a different code mechanism to see the gamepads/joysticks?

Very cool bit of you have posted though,.....going to try it in 9 see what happens for me..but if i cant get it to work...then all my gimbal control system is wasted unless i re-write to 9.


Hi Mike,
I just saved it for LabVIEW version 8.5 - see if that works for you. I am not running Win7 so I can't test on it...( I got XP)

Great just what I needed and now even with pictures. Gotta play on Monday when getting back to office due my gamepad is there :)

Now we just need to figure best way to send this info to our quads...

HI Auto,

Sorry didnt make myself clear.....this codes works fine on 9..i was refering to a years work on a complete GCS/Gimbal/Camcontrol system that i have written in 8.5 refuses to see JS or GP`s on WIndows 7.

i will try to integrate this code to fixe the prob as this worked well in 9....

Sorry to confuse you.

Hi Mike,
got it. This might be issue of compatibility with Win7 ( or combination of both Win and LV). Win7 is 64 bit ( XP I have is 32 bit) so there might be issue with drivers ( for your joysticks, or even LV, although it should be handled gracefully by Win7).
I'll be happy to help if I can

HI Auto,

Im actually running win7 32bit, but after reading about it, there are some compatability issues with win7 period...

incredible really considering that win7 is the newest O/S from MS and i would have thought that software Co.would want compatability so that they can sell more!?

Anyway this resolution is much nicer than mine, so will rip out the old code and insert this.....see what happens.

Thank for the offer, i may yet take you up on that.


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