I cannot save joystick configuration on Mission Planer for my quadcopter? It identifies the joystick and all inputs can also be assigned in the joystick window but cannot save it and does not show on it on radio calibration window. The radio calibration show inputs only from the regular radio (TX). I am using APM 2.5 and latest version of the Mission planner. I have tried many joysticks following the documented procedure but no success. Any suggestion to resolve this issue please?

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Thanks for your input on the BETA solution, I will experiment with both but glad I h ave options.  Couple more questions, 1) when using the joystick, do I set what is Arm and disarm (throttle down to the right or left respectively)?  Because I noticed that I am not able to arm by pushing the throttle down and to the left.  Curious if MP knows this or I have to set it.  

Also, are you flying your drone/plane with just the joystick or are you using the traditional radio as well?

Sorry for my repeated mistakes while explaining how to arm or disarm using a joystick. This is in fact we can do the same way as we do with a traditional radio i.e by using the stick for throttle and rudder/yaw.

With throttle fully down/zero, rudder fully right = arm and rudder fully left = disarm. In my case Mission Planner already knows it (so I do not need to do any additional setting). Simultaneously, the buttons assigned for arm and disarm also work.

I was confused in explaining it because I have an additional slider on my joystick that I use for rudder. Otherwise you need to twist the main stick to right or left for rudder, i.e:

Throttle down + twist right = arm and twist left = disarm

I am used to fly with traditional radio since long ago so that is my preference. Flying with joystick is also interesting but there are two issues with it, 1. The response of copter/plane to the joystick action would be a bit delayed (this is a risk) and 2. The range of flying with joystick is much less than the traditional radio (this is also a risk).

I keep the traditional radio also on while flying with joystick because when joystick is disconnected due to any reason, the traditional radio will automatically take the charge (if this is expected then you need to keep the throttle of traditional radio at middle so when the joystick is disconnected the quad should not suddenly fell down).

Flying is comparatively easy with joystick if you fly in AltHold or Loiter mode.

Now I have purchased SiK telemetry set (for my next project) and that would have the same range as a traditional radio but I think for SiK some additional configuration is needed to be done on Mission Planner (that I have not yet studied).

Anwar...thanks for clearing that up.  I was hoping to use a single joystick and GCS, however you raise a couple good points.  I will work on drone setup over the weekend and likely to use joystick and keep RC transmitter as well.  

Thank you.

I agree with you that  the response of copter/plane to the joystick action would be a bit delayed but the range of flying with joystick is much longer than the traditional RC. I think with 3DR or RFD900 modem it should reach well some kms.

Not sure about the traditional 3DR but no doubt about RFD900 but unfortunately here we can use only 433. The documentation prefers SiK over traditional 3DR.

Thankyou everyone for sharing your experiences with this issue. I was having some problems too so this info seems to be handy.

With the same output power, the 433 frequency range should have longer range than 900 frequency range because the path loss is less

But RFD version is not available in 433 frequency. They probably make it only for 900.

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