Does anyone know of an easy/free way to convert a jpg with an associated world file (jpgw) into a KMZ file for reading by Google Earth?  I've got my data in ArcGIS but want a way to automate the extraction of the data straight from the field to an application that everyone has easy access to.  Any tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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have a look at GlobalMapper. Open and saves in many formats
Michael, thanks. I use GlobalMapper (awesome app) but I was hoping to find something that was opensource that did similar. I'll probably just write something that creates the kml from scratch. Trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Thanks again, Mark
I think Mapwindow w/ plug-ins may be what you are looking for.

You could look at using Palentier @

There is also discussion here
Thanks for the input guys. I developed this into Palentier to solve the isssue :)

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