Quick introduction first: My name is Brian Mills and I've been employed in the commercial flight sim industry for 8+ years.

Recently I've been working on an S-Function that integrates JSBSim (the default flight dynamic model for FlightGear open source flight simulator) into Simulink. Anyone who has read the interview with Curtis Olsen about the utility of using FlightGear for HIL testing will probably be very interested in this. By bringing JSBSim into Matlab/Simulink, a UAV designer can develop and test the FDM model within Simulink, and once completed, can then develop control systems and sensor models using Simulink tools. This means an entire UAV vehicle and guidance control system could be developed and tested using an established flight simulation product running in Simulink.

If anyone is interested in testing this please PM me and I can email you the .rar. Its about 28MB. As an alternative, I hope to upload the project to Mathworks.com soon and get it on the JSBSim-Matlab sourceforge site

FYI, this is still "beta" and there is more work to be done. Also, since many people do not have access to Matlab, I hope that in the near future a version for the free ScicoLab can be released.

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Please would you send me this program and I would like to ask if you used Stateflow to program the UAV waypoint following please send me any paper or software related to this.
Thank you in advance.
Hello, I'm studing MatLab/Simulink and would like you send me your program. Would help me very. My e-mail is tiago.cariolano@gmail.com. Thank you very much.
Wow! - I know that this is an old post... but are you still offering trials of your beta version? I just started my PhD in controls engineering and I am looking for a high fidelity model (which is compatible with simulink) for testing controller designs.
If its as good as it sounds you should be selling it :p

would love a copy!!!!!

Me too. I would especially like to hear about the Scicoslab version

- Roy

I'm glad your interested in the SFunction! You can download it for free from the Mathworks website- just do a search for JSBSim in the "User Community" section. I would wait a few days though as I'm geting ready to put a newer version on the site that fixes some issues...it's been a long time coming but I haven't had the time to work on it much lately. In the near future I hope to have a nice trim and linearization feature included in the distribution.

Thanks for sharing this, I saw it a few months ago and did not have matlab installed at the time, but now that i do i am glad i found this post to remind me of it. It seems pretty useful.

Looking forward to the new release :)
Me too, i would also like to test your program. Thanks in advance
Hello, I am a 4th year student of UQ in Australia, and I involve in a UAV project designing the simulink model to cooperate with FlightGear using the existing physical model built in JBSim.

I want to have a look at you S-funtion as a reference. Could you send your beat to me?

My email address is levilliang@gmail.com

Thanks a lot!
Hello Everyone,

I have been tweaking and fixing some bugs in my SFunction for the past few weeks and so I am planning on releasing the new version tonight. I was hoping to get this out earlier, but lately my spare time has been in short suppliy- my apologies to everyone for the delays.

Thanks for all the interest in the SFunction- it is exciting to see that people may use it for their studies, work and projects!

Best Regards,
Brian Mills

I am very new in the simulation area. I wonder if you ever considered (and probably rejected) Modelica (modelica.org) instead of Simulink. Simulink may be a proper alternative but it is expansive for someone who intend to experiment in this area at home.
I would be very grateful for your opinion. Thanks!

@ George,

I came across a paper about a Modelica flight dynamics library recently.I don't remember if it was open source or not.

The OP did mention possibly releasing a version of this toolbax for Scicoslab - which is a free simulink "clone"

- Roy
Thanks Roy!

There is an http://www.openmodelica.org/ too. A tool for modelica is DYMOLA (Dassault) non free.

However, I am very confused what the "minimal kit" would be to start design a model and test it.
JBSim, FlightGear, modelica/simulink. It's jungle.

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