i have many questions as im attempting this project as of now. already bought most of the hardware just waiting for my electostar its on backorder. i found this question in another forum. you suggested that we use a wireless video camera but what freq should we use for the signal. the 2.4gig is for flying and 900 is for telematry. is there a camera on another freq. that we can use.

im refering to the one your suggest the Aerial Video System 900MHz 500mW looks so cool i gotta have it. lol

UPDATE*** I phoned the Digi company they are makers of the xbee and put the problem to them. they are going to get back to me with a solution so we can all learn.

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I was just looking at them yesterday!

A bit more expensive than the 2.4 systems, but that would sure solve my frequency shortage dilema...
(2.4 Ghz for R/C, and 900 mhz for telemetry, and now maybe move video to 5.8?)

(FutureHobbies one of the many retailers in trouble with the FCC over their 2.4Ghz Stinger TXs)
yup i think thats perfect but the price on that site is a little to high for me. there nano system is 610$ probably great but the system from the site posted above is 320$ about.
yes it is tragic that the they are so pricey, but, remember when a 2.4GHz phone was $500.00? Hopefully the price starts coming down. Granted these people are catering to the hobby crowd, maybe there is a supplier with a cheaper price. I haven't researched too much into it yet...

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