If you have an old APM1 1280 that you still fly with ArduPlane, then this is your chance to ask that we keep support for it in the next release. We are now getting to the point where it is taking more effort to keep supporting this old board, and unless at least 10 people tell me that they are still flying ArduPlane with an APM1 1280, and they need the new releases then I will probably drop it for the next release.

Note that this doesn't affect the APM1 2560 boards. They will still be supported. I'm talking about the very old APM1 1280 boards that only have 128k of flash. ArduCopter dropped support for the APM1 1280 quite a long time ago.

Also note that the current ArduPlane releases already have significantly reduced features on the APM1 1280, for example geo-fencing is not supported, and auto compass declination is not supported. It also doesn't support dataflash logging.

So if you fly an APM1 1280 then speak up now! If enough people ask for it to be supported then I'll see what I can do, though it will take a fair bit of development effort, so please don't ask without good reason.

Cheers, Tridge

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I personally think it's time for the APM1 1280 to be retired.  I flew my first helicopter with the board but that was a loooong time ago now (3 years) and with new boards like the px4 coming along, I think it's only fair that we drop support for the oldest boards.

..but i'm more of an arducopter user so my opinion doesn't really count in this particular area!

It's now been two years since we said support for the 1280 would end and it's kind of miraculous that you and the team nursed it along so much longer than we thought. But at this point, the costs of supporting a small and shrinking number of legacy users risks slowing down development for everyone else. 

We lowered the price of the APM 1 2560 board to $49 (and kept making it, even though the APM 1 has been retired) to make it easier for 1280 users to upgrade.  So I think it's time to finally sunset the old 1280 for good. 

Tridge, many thanks for keeping the APM1280 supported so long.  

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