Kickstarter long range hd fpv and telemetry - too good to be true?

Came across this project on kickstarter.

I find it a little too incredible, basically this chap is saying he can achieve data wifi (even over 900mhz? Must be a new wifi standard) links over distances of 5 miles... Data rates that are capable of supporting a *HD* video link and mavlink control.

Looks like he's all ready to go!

"I have a 100% working prototype and the purpose for this Kickstarter is to refine what I have built. "

"There are no risks in this project. Piece of cake."

What do you guys think? Answer to all of our problems, or just another hack trying to make a quick buck? Details are very sparse.

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Be aware that FCC rules will limit your output power very much with high-gain antenna, and in Europe, that will be even worse.(tighter rules)  EIRP and directional antenna still need to radiate within some limits in front of antenna.

this will need to be taken into consideration for a commercial product.

I'd love to see this system work with low latency, and over 2~3km. 

I was an owner and operator of a WISP about 10 years ago (ironically only about 50 miles from Gavin's market) and a telecom director of operations thereafter, I can say for certain the premise of what he's proposing is not only possible but relatively straight forward.  What's presented is a little oversimplified at the layer 3 level but he's on the right track.   

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