Hey all,

Seems I've fried a battery :(

I have the charger and parallel board shown below.  Was planning on charging 3 batteries.  Plugged in the first 2 just fine, but plugging in the 3rd got a 'poof!'  One of the connectors came off the board, and the battery connectors are black'ish now.  One of the connectors from the board broke/melted off into the battery balance connection, so I can't even test the charge now.

What did I do wrong? I used the charger to charge 1 battery successfully.

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The damaged fourth XT60 connector on the board appears to be physically reversed on the board compared to the other XT60 connectors on the parallel board. Therefore I suspect that when you connected the battery mating connector to that particular XT60 board connector it caused a reverse polarity voltage to be applied to the battery?



I'm such a fool! It was obvious that it was going the opposite way, but I thought "Hey, I know jack s**** about batteries/chargers...so maybe it's supposed to be this way."  It's wasn't, and now I'm wondering why I didn't check the supplier page and see for myself that the connectors should all have been the same way!


Lesson learned.  Thanks Thomas!

Pretty bad quality control on that board, what is the brand and where did you get it? That's a pretty dangerous mistake for them to make. Must have given you a hell of a fright!

I got it from here:


Hahaha it did startle me :p

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