I know that the L1 controller has been out for about two years, but since I have had opportunity to use both L1 and crosstack, I still wonder if crosstrack did not actually provide better control of the desired flight path. What I truly liked about crosstrack was the abililty to set an approach angle of zero (I believe it was) and simply have the plane make a beeline to the next waypoint after it executed its turn. You would use other parameter adjustments to keep the plane from wavering back and forth along its flight path. If you don't want the beeline approach above, you could specify the crosstrack angle and observer a nice approach to the path that connects the waypoints and then the subsequent correction to fly along that path.

In my own, maybe limited, experience with L1, I have not seen such nice control and resulting flight paths. Rather, I observer S-turns more often than not. If you set a high L1 value to try to get that beeline to the next waypoint without having the plane attempt to get on the flight path directly between the wapoints, it seems that you must be giving up something else in the way of control.

I suppose I'm missing something, but I wonder if it would be nice to get crosstrack back.


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Think this idea is perfect, cause I use to tune my drone with crosstrack too

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